Do Blinds Improve the Insulation Value of Your Home?

Do Blinds Improve the Insulation Value of Your Home?

The simple answer is that yes, using blinds can improve the insulation value of your home. Having blinds or shades that are energy efficient in your windows can help keep the summertime heat out and prevent cold drafts during the colder months of the year. This will help keep your heating bill down and help the strain on your air conditioner or fans to keep you home cool on those hot days. 50% of the heat gain or loss from a home is due to the windows. So, as you can see, having blinds on your windows will definitely benefit the temperature of your home whether it is winter or summer.


Energy Saving Blinds


When you are looking at the different blinds available to help keep your home cooler, it is important to look at the energy efficiency of the window covering. This is its ability to either trap heat from coming in or escaping.

Examples of blinds that have higher energy efficiency are blinds that are made with honeycomb cells, wood or faux wood. These blinds will help your home stay cool during those hot summer days. Keep in mind the color of these blinds. Be sure that the back color of the blinds is white as white has reflective properties against the sunlight.

You may think that typical blinds or window shades should provide the same properties of that of quality blinds, however, they are not. When you choose window shades or curtains, they are made from fabric which do help to some degree, but not as much as those made with materials that are more solid. You also need to consider those shades or blinds that have lots of slats, either vertical or horizontal, these gaps allow for hot or cold temperatures to seep through lessening their energy efficiency.


Best Energy Efficient Blinds


Overall, the best type of blind to choose to help reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home are cellular blinds. It is important to ensure to have your your Red Deer blinds installed professionally to be sure that there are no gaps around the edges of the window, and they have no slats that allow for gaps throughout the blind. The honeycomb shape of the cells that these blinds have were made to allow air to be trapped in them which creates a layer of insulation.

So, whether you are wanting to keep the home cooler or warmer, this extra layer of insulation is what creates the efficiency of the blinds. They also come in a variety of color and style options to allow for as much or as little light that you would like. For example, if you choose the top down bottom up style, you are able to have complete control of what part of the window is open and which part is closed.

The other great options that provide high energy efficiency are the wood or faux wood shutter shades as they are a thicker material and have less gaps for heat to escape in or out. The other is the cellular roller shades that have the great energy efficient construction with the simplicity of that of roller shades.

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